The season is over and the summer transfer market is about to open. According to the Italian "Gazzetta dello Sport," the report, Juventus magliette calcio club to Barcelona midfielder Rafinha out of the olive branch, the old woman willing to bid 25 million euros.

      Prior to this, there was news from the Spanish media, said Rafiniya tend to leave the team. According to reports, Rafiniya is very eager to participate in next year's Russian World Cup, so he needs enough playing time, which is in Barcelona maglie calcio can not guarantee.

      In order to participate in the World Cup, and even claims that Rafiniya is willing to return to the Brazilian league to play a year. Moreover, has always been on the Rafiniya favor with the Enrique is about to leave, which has become a catalyst for Rafinha choose to leave the team. Rafaelia played 33 times this season, and not less, but Enrique's departure means that next season will have a great time to change the game.

      However, shortly before, Rafinha's father, star Ma Jinhuo also stood out rumor, saying his son will not leave Barcelona magliette calcio a poco prezzo.